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Struggling with a personal problem?
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This isn't Me vs You

It's You vs You

It's not about getting what you want out of your work, but a deep longing to fulfill roles in your life that you're not spending enough time on.

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Embrace Your Humanity

Parts 1-2

Social media has turned everyone into a critic. By shutting people up, no one’s learning. And we're sending the message that being human is abnormal when in reality our cultural expectations are unrealistic.

There is nothing more essential to progress than mental health. How we function as a society is inextricably linked to how we think, feel, communicate, and problem-solve. It's More Complicated Than You Think looks at the psychology behind our most challenging problems. 

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It's Time to Rethink Public Education to Prepare Kids for Life

Children are crying out for help. We need a mental health curriculum in public schools.

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Many of the answers of how to restore society to peace and safety are already used effectively in psychotherapy. 

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Parenting 101

Parts 1-3

Parenting is more complicated than you (already) think. How you talk to your child affects them in profound ways and can make your life easier or harder.

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Society tends to treat feelings as a nuisance or weakness – something to talk yourself out of or “overcome.” The more you understand about the brain, the more empowered you are to manage your feelings.

Guest Appearances

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