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Shades of Blue

What's different about Elaine Belson? 

Drawing from three decades of experience as a psychotherapist and countless intimate conversations,

Elaine has unique insights into what works. 


Elaine Belson has 30 years combined clinical, military, political and teaching experience. She has worked in a variety of settings, including private practice, community agencies, and hospitals. At the age of 42, Ms. Belson joined the US Army as a Social Work Officer, handling domestic violence cases and teaching anger management to Soldiers. She deployed to Afghanistan, where she provided outpatient services and served as XO for Medical Command. Ms. Belson has served on several advisory boards, taught psychology at the college level, and held several legislative positions in Washington, DC. In addition to private practice, Ms. Belson hosts a podcast, makes podcast appearances, and writes about psychology in politics. 


Podcast Host

Elaine's delivery was engaging and knowledgeable, making complex topics feel approachable. Her insights,  practical exercises and thought-provoking concepts gave listeners a comprehensive guide for healthy relationships, understanding mental health complexities and promoting personal growth.

Communications Coordinator

"Everything [Elaine] said was profound and thought provoking… [She is] a brilliant and compassionate person, and a pleasure to listen to.”

Podcast Host

Being a single parent is a roller coaster ride when you are trying to bring up resilient, happy children. Elaine's advice on how to look after your mindset and learn to love yourself first was exceptional and communicated well to all levels of my listeners. She gives tons of clear and relevant content.

CPT Belson's devotion to duty, attention to detail, and interspersonal skills far surpass 99% of the people I have ever worked with. She accomplished in two months what normally takes the average individual a year.

Using her social work skills, CPT  Belson developed cooperative relationships to get results. She approached each task with enthusiasm and a can-do attitude. Whenever she ran into an obstacle... CPT Belson, through her creativity and determination, always found the right way around the problem. Her work  was always proficient and thorough and will positively impact counter-insurgency operations long after she is done wearing the uniform. 

Thomas M. Hardy
Captain, US Army

HHC, Medical Command


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